We create software that protects businesses and families by monitoring and reporting on computer and smartphone activity.

Monitoring Software for Home and Work

ProtectCom - User Monitoring Software. Made in Germany

Monitoring Software for Home

We help parents keep their children safe

Monitor everything your children do on their computers and mobile phones with our software. Record activity on any PC, Mac or Mobile Phone:

Computer Monitoring Software to capture detailed screenshots with video-style playback. Replay recordings locally.

Remote Computer Monitoring Software to monitor from anywhere. Get reports via email. Receive real-time alerts.

Mobile Phone Monitoring Software capture every activity on a Android Smartphone or iPhone.

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Monitoring Software for Work

Employee and Event Log Monitoring Solutions

Focused Employee Investigation Software ensuring your employees and systems are secure and productive! Your Employee’s Computer Is All The Evidence You Need.

Whether you suspect an employee of wrongdoing or simply want to monitor someone’s activity on a company computer, Spector CNE gives you the ability to discreetly record and replay individual employee activity remotely, from a central workstation or server.

Helping investigate the employee actions that hurt your business.

Perfect for small businesses or workgroups.

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Monitoring Software for Home and Work - The proof you need, exactly when you need it!