Mac Monitoring

Monitor your Mac from Anywhere

Mac MonitoringRealtime-Spy’s Mac monitoring software is the latest in cloud-based high-tech Mac monitoring and remote spy software that logs everything users do on your Mac. Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely install the monitoring system on any Mac computer you own and view the activity logs in real-time from anywhere, from any location at any time, 24/7, via the secure Realtime-Spy website!

Realtime-Spy’s Mac monitoring software requires no physical installation. Deploy Realtime-Spy via email, or install it physically if desired.


Screenshot Captures
See exactly what users are doing on your computer with full color visual screenshot captures. Realtime-Spy’s screenshot captures show who users are talking to, emailing, interaction with on social networks, and much more.

Keystrokes Typed (Keylogger)
Realtime-Spy’s keystroke logger allows you to record what keystrokes users type while using your Mac. All keystroke logs include the title of the window and name of the application that the keystrokes were typed in, along with the username of the use that typed them, and when. *Due to security restrictions in Mac OS X passwords typed are not logged*

Computer Usage
Realtime-Spy’s computer usage monitoring logs how long users are active, and inactive during each computer session. Logs show when each session started, and when it ended.

Application Usage
Monitor and log all applications ran by users. Realtime-Spy logs when each application was started, stopped, and how long it was actually used, giving you an exact picture of how users are spending their time on your Mac.

Website Usage
Log all website visits performed by users on your computer. All website visits are logged by website address, username, and time of the site visit. Realtime-Spy also logs how long users visit each website so you can easily see what websites are visited the longest. Chrome and Safari web-browsers supported.

Events Timeline & Top-10 Reports
Log all events users performed and view them in an organized chronologically ordered listing. The Events Timeline lets you view what events the user performed, in the order they did them. Events logged include Application Starts/Stops, Website Visits, Computer Usage, Window Interactions, and more. Top-10 Reports: Generate easy-to-read top 10 reports and graphs detailing frequent application, website, window usage, and more.

Email Activity
Log all emails typed and view copies of email activity via screen captures so that no communication is untracked.

Location Changes
Track the approximate location of your Mac so you can know where it is at all times.

Chat & Social
View activity and see who users are talking to across social networks and chat messengers.

Real-time Viewing
View the user’s remote desktop, keystrokes, and activities in real-time, as they occur. No delays between log updates.

Realtime-Spy’s computer monitoring service stores all logged information, from keystrokes to screenshot captures, online in your own secure member’s area for real-time 24/7 access from any device with a web-browser. Logs are categorized by computer for easy viewing.

24/7 Remote Viewing. View logs anytime, anywhere.

Secure web-based log viewing allows you to track your Mac usage from anywhere.

Logging Access Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 access to your monitored Mac, from any location via your personal, secure website address given to you after you purchase! Your activity logs are password protected and updated in real-time for constant review.

Real-time Activity, Keystroke, and Screenshot Viewing

As Realtime-Spy’s name implies, it can show you what users do in real-time at the exact instant they perform an action – from apps being opened and closed, to computer usage and website visits. Realtime-Spy can also display what users are typing in real-time, as they type, and display screenshots every few seconds for accurate remote visual monitoring.

Centralized, Multiple User/Mac Logging

Log and record MULTIPLE MAC’s from ONE REMOTE LOCATION without any extra configuration – just click what user names you want to view logs for. Logs are automatically stored and categorized by username and computer name for easy log management.

Graphical Top 10 Reports

Realtime-Spy’s web interface can display useful Top 10 activity reports for computer usage (most idle and active users), window usage, website usage, and application usage! Reports can be generated for individual computers, or for all computers logged in your account.

Remote Install. No physical install required.

Deploy Realtime-Spy via email, or install it physically if desired.

Remote Installation and Removal

Realtime-Spy can be remotely installed without physical presence needed for installation. Realtime-Spy can later be uninstalled and permanently disallowed from running on a remote computer, again without physical interaction with the remote computer. The install happens instantly and starts monitoring immediately. Please note that Realtime-Spy does tell the user that monitoring software is being installed, and they have the option to cancel the install, but once installed the software runs invisibly.

Easy Remote Deployment

Realtime-Spy can be remotely deployed easily with just a few clicks and minimal user interaction.

  • Email Deployment: simply send your configured Realtime-Spy module to the remote Mac. The user only has to run the attached app file – they do not have to respond or send you any response to start monitoring your Mac.
  • LAN/Network Deployment: easily deploy Realtime-Spy over a network via network shares or logon scripts.
  • Physical Deployment: quickly install Realtime-Spy by running the created logging module on your Mac.

Extrem kleine Installationsdatei

Das Realtime-Spy Aufnahmemodul hat weniger als 250KB. Dies erlaubt den schnellen und einfachen Einsatz per Email & Netzwerke und die Speicherung der Installationsdatei auf portablen Medien wie USB-Sticks ohne Schwierigkeiten.

Extremely Small File Size

Realtime-Spy’s logging module is less than 250KB in size, allowing it to be quickly and easily sent via email, transferred over networks, and stored onto portable storage media without any difficulties.

Remote Administration

Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely shutdown, restart, and logoff the remote Mac via your administration area.

Stealth. Invisible and Undetectable Monitoring.

Monitor undetected, leaving no traces for the user to find.

Invisible to the User

Once installed, Realtime-Spy is designed to be an invisible and secure monitoring system. Using minimal CPU processing cycles, Realtime-Spy is not visible in any way to the user, and records and updates all logs without any user notification. Realtime-Spy does not appear in the Mac OS X Force Quit manager, or reveal itself to the user on your desktop or Finder applications folder.

Cloaked Installation

Realtime-Spy runs in COMPLETE STEALTH and cloaks itself to hide from the remote user! The installation module that is ran on your Mac will install a copy of itself that is hidden so it cannot be disrupted/removed. The created module file you use to install the Realtime-Spy logging process on your Mac is able to be discarded and deleted – without affecting Realtime-Spy’s monitoring process!


24/7 Support

Realtime-Spy comes with free 24/7 online support. If you have a question or problem contact us at any time. We also offer free real-time remote assistance and can setup and install Realtime-Spy for you.

No Renewals

Purchase Realtime-Spy today and you can use Realtime-Spy for as long as you need. Realtime-Spy’s life-time licensing uses no subscriptions or recurring fees.

Market Proven

Realtime-Spy has been an award-winning, cutting-edge remote spy software solution for over 12 years! Over a decade of refinement has created an incredibly easy-to-use computer monitoring solution.



Fill in the order form and complete the payment.

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Realtime-Spy can now be remotely deployed easily with just a few clicks and minimal user interaction.

Installation is clear, easy and takes just a few minutes.


Once you’re done with the installation, Realtime Spy will begin monitor activities taking place on the monitored computer.

View the activity logs in real-time from anywhere, 24/7, via our secure Realtime-Spy website!

Easy-to-use Mac monitoring solution

  • Who Uses Realtime-Spy’s Mac Monitoring Software?


    Realtime-Spy can be used by parents to monitor their children’s Mac usage and put their mind at ease. See what they are typing, who they are talking to, what websites they use, what games they play, view social network activities, and know exactly how long they are doing so! Parents can monitor their children from their workplace, or any other location where they have an internet connection and a device with a web-browser.


    Realtime-Spy can be deployed over a corporate or institutional network in seconds, allowing for easy centralized log viewing via the Realtime-Spy webspace. All the network administrator has to do is point and click different computers to view their activities! No physical presence is needed to monitor employees! Network administrators can monitor multiple large networks from one convenient, secure location that is accessible anywhere!

  • Requirements
    Realtime-Spy can only be installed onto a Mac you own, and have authorization to monitor. It cannot be used to monitor computers you do not own. Users are informed they are installing monitoring software during the installation.

    • Supports Mac OS X 10.6+
    • 1MB Hard disk space
    • Web-browser and Internet Connection for Log Transmission and Viewing
    • Administrator access is required for proper installation
  • Support
  • Am I allowed to install Mac Monitoring Software on somebody else’s computer?
    You may only install the Mac Monitoring Software on a computer that you own. Before you install the software, you must agree to use it only on a Mac you own.
  • Can the Mac Monitoring Software be circumvented?
    Once installed, Realtime-Spy is designed to be an invisible and secure monitoring system. Using minimal CPU processing cycles, Realtime-Spy is not visible in any way to the user, and records and updates all logs without any user notification.

    Stealth. Invisible.

    Realtime-Spy does not appear in the Mac OS X Force Quit manager, or reveal itself to the user on your desktop or Finder applications folder.

  • How does the Mac Monitoring Software protect my child from Internet pedophiles?
    Realtime’s Mac Monitoring Software cannot stop all pedophiles from going after children on the Internet, it provides a great deterrent, and allows you to be aware that such activity has been attempted.

    See your child’s conversation

    One of the biggest deterrents to pedophiles is getting caught. If a pedophile has an online conversation with your child, the Mac Monitoring Software will record that conversation. If the pedophile divulges their phone number or address, you will see that in the Mac Monitoring Software. If you see that your child has had such a conversation, you will be able to take the appropriate action to stop that from happening in the future. Further, if a pedophile suspects that he/she is being recorded, they will quickly move on to another target. As more and more people use the Mac Monitoring Software, pedophiles will begin to notice, and most likely stop going after children, at least on the Internet.