Welcome to the ProtectCom Affiliate Program

Interested in making real money from the ProtectCom product line? If you run a website or blog (private or corporate) and would like to make some extra money, you’ve got everything you need to become an affiliate publishing partner.

Earn 50% of the profit

ProtectCom has a strong affiliate program with guaranteed payouts. Our resale program starts out by giving you 50% of each sale you make – and commission is increased based on your sales success! Just follow these three simple steps:


Visitors to your website click on a ProtectCom banner ad…

…and purchase products in the ProtectCom Shop.

You earn money: 50% of the profit!

Become a partner in our affiliate network in only 5 steps!

1. Register for free

Apply to the ProtectCom affiliate program here – it’s free and does not entail any obligations.

2. Wait until you receive a confirmation

Once your application has been approved, you will become an official ProtectCom affiliate!

3. Select suitable advertising materials

Take a look at our huge selection of banners and choose the designs and formats which best fit your website.

4. Integrate advertising materials into your website

Include the HTML code in to your website and publish the ProtectCom banners.

5. Done! Get paid

Every time a customer clicks on the banners placed on your website and makes a purchase in our online store, you’ll get up to 50% in commissions.

Commissions & Advertising Materials

Become a ProtectCom affiliate and earn rewards for each sale! Simply recommend top products such as ProtectCom’s Orvell Monitoring on your website and earn 50% of the net profit. You can also choose from a variety of advertising material: GIF banners, product data lists and voucher codes!

  • On top of that you are able to create customizable reporting and statistic functions, which will ensure optimal monitoring of your publishing activities.
  • As an affiliate publishing partner, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of banners, logos, text links, and product data. We update all advertising materials on a monthly basis and offer coupons to increase overall traffic.
  • See how many purchases have been made via the affiliate network’s account and check the statistics of your website.


You can earn up to €25.19 per sale of Orvell Monitoring Computer Monitoring Software. On average, 1 in 4 Order Page Visitors BUY!

Your Sales:

Earn Per Day:

Earn Per Month:

Earn Per Year:

1 per day




2 per day




5 per day




10 per day




We designed our affiliate program to be a success with our customers and affiliates in mind. Customers get to be introduced to ProtectCom’s award-winning product line, and in return, affiliates make great commission fees. Depending on how much time you put into this program you can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month, to thousands (really!). Our success together depends if you are ready to make some good money!

  • Some Advertising Materials…

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    Affiliate Program
    Affiliate Program


    Affiliate Program
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    Affiliate Program
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    Affiliates Program
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    Affiliates Program
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    Affiliates Partner Program
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    Affiliate Partner Program
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    Partner Program
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    Partner Program


    Partner Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when will I get paid?
Our affiliate network provider Cleverbridge takes care of the entire payment process. Please contact the Cleverbridge to find out how they deal with the payment of commissions.

Is the affiliate program free?
Yes, there are no costs involved for you in relation to ProtectCom.

Why is it worth entering into a co-operation with ProtectCom?
Your benefits as a ProtectCom affiliate:

  • Free registration
  • Remuneration based on a percentage of sales amount
  • Commission is paid for every purchase/for every order
  • Exclusive, highly converting ProtectCom advertising materials
  • Image boost for your website thanks to high-quality web banners

How can I terminate the partnership? Can I terminate the partnership anytime?
Yes, you can terminate the partnership with ProtectCom at any time without giving any reason.

How do I integrate ProtectCom advertising materials into my website?

  1. Log on to your affiliate account
  2. Go to the ProtectCom affiliate program
  3. Select the advertising materials you want
  4. Copy the HTML code and insert it into your website

Promote our products on your website and profit from attractive commissions and personal support from the ProtectCom Affiliate Team. We look forward to hearing from you. Email.